Posted on 17-Jan-2019

InTouch & Motion

The Body’s Natural Relaxation Response

28-Jan-2019 – 28-Jan-2019
Use your body’s natural relaxation response as an inroad to your inner resources. Through meditation and light hypnosis, your body finds a calmness…allowing muscles to relax, to-do thoughts to float away, and the conscious mind to go into sleep mode.

Another part of you can then awaken. You will be guided to go deep within yourself, tapping into your essence or true nature. You will tap into the Divine part–your soul or Spiritual Self. It is here that we will refresh and remember our gifts, our worth, and our loving energy through affirmations, both given and created. These affirmations will reverberate and absorb within you and throughout.

You will awaken with a lightness, full of self-love, and a focused perspective on how to move forward into the New Year!

Date: Mon, January 28, 2019
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM CST
Place: InTouch & Motion, 3806 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60618
Cost: $30

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