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Amy Goldbeck, LPC, R-DMT, CHt, is our Licensed Professional Counselor, Dance/movement therapist, Past-Life Regression Therapist and Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. Using a holistic and creative approach, she blends her experience with the creative arts, the subconscious mind, and spiritu...

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Meet Jordan! Jordan is a trauma informed licensed professional counselor and registered art therapist with expertise in working with survivors of sexual trauma. The focus of her work is around empowering her clients to access their creativity as a way to work towards growth and healing. Jordan is...

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Meet Julie Brannen, psychotherapist, dance/movement therapist, and creative healer here at InTouch & Motion. Julie is available for free consultations!
" My intention is to guide beings back into their bodies with a felt sense of home by re-claiming safety, owning their truth, expanding their aw...

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Love Your Body Workshop Series: Body As Resource

19-May-2019 – 19-May-2019

This dance/movement workshop will help participants explore their own internal resources and sense of empowerment through a guided and improvisational movement experience. Drawing from dance/movement therapy techniques, participants will have the opportunity to learn movement based self-regulatio...

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Love Your Body Workshop Series: Fill Your Cup Up

Apr 6, 2019 – Apr 6, 2019

Our lives can be cluttered with chaos, confusion, stress, heavy workloads, taking care of family and bills, maintaining our health -- mentally, emotionally or physically, or just dealing with unresolved issues in general. We are consistently repeating this hamster wheel on a daily basis. People, ...

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Connecting With Your Spiritual Guidance

31-Mar-2019 – 31-Mar-2019

Our sense of spirituality is a very important aspect of our overall wellness. Not religiously focused, this workshop will offer a brief introduction to the many ways spiritual guidance can come through, and a guided imagery to help you connect directly to your own spirit, spiritual guides, and an...

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Did you know we offer services like life coaching and reiki in addition to therapy? Please contact us to learn more and get a free consultation!

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The Body’s Natural Relaxation Response

28-Jan-2019 – 28-Jan-2019

Use your body’s natural relaxation response as an inroad to your inner resources. Through meditation and light hypnosis, your body finds a calmness…allowing muscles to relax, to-do thoughts to float away, and the conscious mind to go into sleep mode.

Another part of you can then awaken. You will...

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Soul Resonance: Movement and Sound Healing

16-Feb-2019 – 16-Feb-2019

You are invited to a healing journey of movement and sound. Hosted by InTouch & Motion’s Love Your Body workshop series, this session aims to unite physical embodiment with energetic soundscapes, guided by Julie Brannen. This workshop will be an exploration of movement, meditation, and sound prac...

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Counseling and Therapy

  • Individual Psychotherapy

    Working one-on-one with a psychotherapist can provide a sense of safety and confidence in exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while gaining a sense of control over yourself and your life.
  • Child and Family Psychotherapy

    In a nurturing, communicative, and fun environment you and your child can gain the skills and understanding needed to be successful at home and school. Using play, storytelling, role plays, and the creative arts, allows your child to be in their element while learning strong values and new behaviors.
  • Couples Therapy

    Whether your goal is to improve your communication, build trust, increase intimacy, let go of old mental and emotional baggage, or work through a personal challenge with the support of your partner, having an outside objective perspective can help you establish strength and resiliency in your relationship.
  • Dance/Movement Therapy

    Often combined with traditional talk therapy, DMT allows us to explore movement and body language as it relates to your communication skills, emotional awareness and expression, behavioral management, and general functionality in your day to day life. DMT can also provide you with a creative outlet and allows us to examine not just how your mind understands but also how your body feels and experiences. Broadening your awareness of this mind-body connection often results in greater therapeutic insight, ability to apply new behaviors and skills to your life, and lasting positive change.
  • Past-Life Regression Therapy

    Past-life regression therapy utilizes guided meditation, relaxation, and imagery to assist you in exploring the deepest parts of yourself. Perhaps the root of your struggles, whether it be emotional, social, or even psychosomatic, originates from a past life. We don’t consciously remember, but a part of us--our soul and subconscious mind--hold every memory we’ve ever made--even from in between lifetimes, in the spiritual state. Sometimes, there is unfinished business we need to attend to, so that we can master a lesson that is necessary for our growth.
  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

    his particular kind of hypnotherapy, called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy or HCH, is more than listening to suggestions in order to improve test-taking, to stop smoking, or to lose weight. HCH dives deeply into what core beliefs and emotions are connected to these issues. Anything can be worked on at a deeper level, such as relationship problems, fears, anger, sadness or anxiety. This service incorporates inner child work, the physical and energetic release of emotions, and the re-building of beliefs, decisions and resources for a healthier life.
  • Art Therapy

    Art Therapy is a modality of psychotherapy that incorporates art making as a central way to access, clarify, process, and express thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Artwork may be explored with the guidance of the art therapist by either addressing the process, the end product, or both. Aesthetics in art therapy are approached with curiosity and intrigue rather than judgment or critique. The art made in an art therapy session is considered to be an extension or reflection of the self, allowing individuals to look at parts of themselves from a new or different perspective.

Other Wellness Practices

  • Energetic Healing/Reiki Sessions

    Guided by the client’s preference and an initial holistic assessment, aromatherapy, sound healing, crystal therapy, and guided imagery are combined with Reiki to facilitate relaxation, pain relief, physical symptom relief, and the energetic shifts needed to promote optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In these sessions, the client relaxes while sitting in a chair, or lying on a massage table, and, with your permission, the practitioner lightly places palms near the energy centers of the body, called Chakras. This process allows the practitioner to channel “Universal Life-Force Energy” into the clients energy field, to clear away blocks and balance each chakra, allowing the body’s own healing system to do the work.
  • Holistic Life Coaching

    Holistic Life Coaching is a goal-oriented, educational and supportive approach to helping clients build the tools they need to work towards and achieve their personal, professional, or spiritual goals. Determined by client preferences and an initial holistic assessment, these coaching sessions can involve the use of guided transformational exercises and techniques, integrated with holistic healing modalities such as guided imagery, sensory-motor meditation, sound healing, Reiki, energy clearing, energetic healing, therapeutic movement, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, spiritual exploration, and other holistic sources of healing. As part of Holistic Life Coaching, clients are encouraged to reflect on internal feelings, belief systems, and the source of fixed, unhelpful beliefs. They are guided in finding their truth, sense of purpose, and desired way to truly show up in the world.


11 months ago
I've worked with Amanda and the entire team of therapists and counselors here at InTouch & Motion for a while now. They are a great crew, very professional, and are very passionate about their services.
- Jon B
a year ago
- Enoch S

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